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Home Insurance

At Old Town Insurance LLC, we strive to offer our Florida homeowners the home insurance policy they need. We want our customers to have the same protection and coverage that we enjoy and that they deserve. For those who still have a mortgage on their Florida home, they are required to carry home insurance. Below are some options available in our home insurance policy.

Protect Your Assets With Coverage

Inviting over family and friends for celebrations and parties are often a lot of fun and enjoyed by most of our customers. Unfortunately, accidents can happen on the property where a guest is hurt or their property damaged, leaving the homeowner liable. With home insurance, you can make a claim against your policy, and not have to dip into your assets to front any responsible costs.

Protect Your Investment From Nature

Wind, hail, and fire are all-natural disasters that can happen in the state of Florida. Unfortunately, they can spring up without notice and homeowners will suffer damage due to this weather. Should your home need to be repaired due to a natural disaster such as these, you can use your insurance to cover the cost of the repair and protect the investment you have made into your home.

Protect Those Garages and Storage Sheds

Do you have additional structures on the property? If so, you can contact your insurance agent and have them added. This is essential should they fall victim to the same natural disasters of your home, or also victim to theft and vandalism. As soon as they are built or installed onto your property, reach out to your insurance agent to give them the notice. These structures often store personal items and other assets such as RVs, boats, and high-value items that you are securing on your property.

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Whether you are looking for a new home insurance policy or wanting to update your current policy, our agents at Old Town Insurance LLC are available. You are welcome to use our online rating tool for your personal quote or give us a call into the office for more information.

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