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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Although Florida has specific laws mandating boats and watercraft be registered and how the registration numbers should be displayed; that anyone involved in two boating accidents attends boating safety course; and that personal watercraft be equipped with floatation devices, the state does not require owners to purchase boating or watercraft insurance. But just because you don't have to is no reason not to.

In some cases, boaters have no choice. For instance, many marinas require any boat moored on its premises have liability coverage. And most banks will not even consider making a boat unless the boat is insured to cover possible damages to it. Whether or not either of these apply to you, here at Old Town Insurance LLC, we strongly encourage boat owners, present and future, to protect themselves and their boats by purchasing boat/watercraft insurance, especially in light of our busy waters and long Florida hurricane season.

Why You Need Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Many homeowners go boating with a false sense of security if their home insurance offers limited coverage for their boat or watercraft. However, reading the fine print will usually reveal that coverage for damage does not exceed $1,000 and that while personal property they bring aboard may be covered if it is lost or damaged, this is not the case if they are used exclusively for boating use. Furthermore, even if your liability insurance provides some help as far as the bodily injury is done to others or their property, it does set limits on the type of boat you operate.

The Type of Insurance Policy Old Town Insurance LLC Recommends

If you are already a Florida boat owner or thinking about purchasing one, we invite you to come on in and discuss your options. We recommend that a boat/watercraft insurance policy offer the following coverage

We're here for you if you have any questions about the specifics of your coverage, so give us a call, or stop on in for a friendly chat and a quote.

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